DVS Deadline Delays

03 Jun 2020

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has asked Transport for London to delay the enforcement of new rules for London’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and Direct Vision Standard (DVS) for at least four months after their introduction this October.
FORS recognise that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the road freight sector in ways which could make compliance with the new standards more challenging. Though companies have been preparing for the new rules for some time, with many vehicles already compliant, the pandemic has disrupted supply chains and has placed additional demands on the industry. Postponing enforcement will allow the freight industry to focus on its core operations during the pandemic.
We remain committed to working togetherto tackle some of London’s biggest challenges, including road danger and airquality. Tightened emissions standards for buses, coaches, lorries andspecialist vehicles – in line with the tough requirements in place for thecentral London Ultra Low Emission Zone – will help clean up London’s air andsave lives. Meanwhile the DVS will reduce danger to vulnerable road users byintroducing a safety permit system for HGVs, assigning vehicles a star ratingbased on how much the driver can see directly through their cab window.
Although the new rules under both schemes will still legally come into force on 26 October, no charges will be payable or enforced for non-compliant vehicles under those new standards until the end of February 2021. The new date for the start of enforcement will be kept under review.

Find full details of the LEZ scheme here: https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/low-emission-zone/changes-to-the-lez

Further information about DVS can be found here: https://tfl.gov.uk/info-for/deliveries-in-london/delivering-safely/direct-vision-in-heavy-goods-vehicles

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